The story of DRAKE CONTENT

Drake Content was born in 2017 from a desire by our founder, Jeremy Drake, to build an independent content and social marketing agency that focused solely on the travel and hospitality sector. One which would allow brands and DMOs to work with us as a trusted partner and advisory colleague. Not as just another sub par, bloated agency. Jeremy unashamedly loves travel, food, beer and wine. It is his true passion, which is reflected in his work and how he does business to generate results for his clients.

DIVING headfirst SEVEN years ago


In fact, we are not just another agency at all, because we despise the bloat of normal Australian agencies. Instead, we consider ourselves a collective of creatives, producers, illustrators and performance marketers who (between us) have decades of big agency experience but bring our special skill set to each new job.

Together, over the course of our careers, we became tired of seeing clients being charged high agency fees for sub-par results and often terrible servicing. Asking for retainers for the sake of retainers. We also are strong believers that content needs to be created within a context. We are a unique blend of creative and performance marketer that roll up our sleeves, look at the data and achieve a strong ROI for our clients. ROI is at the heart of what we do. The digital economy is a knowledge economy, and people with unique digital skills can have a profound impact on your organisation.  

Our team

We believe the inevitable future for most digital departments looks like a strong executive team of in-house generalists managing a handful of best-in-class specialists to fill in gaps as needed. This is our team.

Our goals

We don't work for awards, we work to create beautiful, head-turning social content that can be turned into revenue for our clients. Because if your content is not generating you attributable revenue, why are you making it?

Satisfied clients

We've worked with clients all over Australia (and the world) and we pride ourselves on delivering measurable results for our digital marketing campaigns or beautiful, social-first content for our video productions.

video projects

From high-end productions, right down to UGC social content, we're your creative production partner for the digital age. We don't just lead you down the path of a certain type of content if we don't think it will meet your digital marketing objectives.

advertising spend

We've managed over a million dollars in advertising spend for our clients and focus on delivering on your objectives, whether that be ROAS or the aquisition of new emails or customers.

Years of experience

We've been doing this a long time, across four continents. We know trust can take some time to build, but hopefully this is enough to get us started on a journey together.

The values that drive everything we do


We pride ourselves on the quality of our productions, our reporting, our client service and how we presnt ourselves


Creative thinking is at the hear of what we do. Its what the business was built on. We strive to push our clients everyday into new creative endevours that make us both better marketers and content creators.


As a team that operates across state and country borders, teamwork is essential. Not only do we use all the latest project management software and communication tools, we also come together regularly to plan, imagine and celebrate our work


We operate on a belief that "money loves speed" and that some of the best results happen for our clients when we move quickly. But that should also never deminish the quality of our work. Our agency is fast-paced, but also measured and considered when we put work out into the world.

Our clients

We've worked with some of the biggest travel, hospitality, finance and telecommunication brands in the world. A small agency with big agency impact.

Visit our office


This city is our home, but we work with clients all over Australia. We even have some in other countries. But we love the creativity, the entrpreneurs, the food, the hospitality and the events. The weather could be a bit better, but it doesn't matter when you're sitting in a nice wine bar or cafe in Fitzroy.